When I started design I was primarily working on T-Shirt Graphics. When Donovan at Sonder Ink contacted me, I was very excited to get back to my roots. The goal was to create a Screen Printing / Brewery design. Donovan wanted to give tribute to various breweries around Sonoma County.
Since Screen Printing and Breweries are two entirely different industries it was my job to combine the two in a cohesive way. I came up with the Idea of a Hop character riding a squeegee which is the main tool used in screen printing. I sketched it up in procreate and sent the idea off to Donovan. However, we both agreed the design needed more. I went back to the drawing board, aka Procreate and added the hop character flying through the a screen printing screen. Finally we added different breweries to the screen as if they were being printed.
This was one of my favorite projects I worked on in 2020. I really enjoy solving problems through design.  We had the challenge of combining two unalike industries and as a result we came up with an exciting design that wouldn't have manifested without this unique problem.

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